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Lyon is situated strategically on the confluence of the Rhône and the Saône Rivers, known as the gateway to the Alpes and two and a half hours drive hours to the Mediterranean Sea. 

It lures people with its sophistication and elegance and is known to be the best of all French. Lyon and its surrounding region captures the epitome of the French lifestyle and is the Worlds most innovative capital for fine dining, making it the ideal lieu for a wedding, honeymoon or experience.  

In addition Lyons beauty is accentuated by the medieval renaissance architecture, roman ruins and the Mont Blanc that seems a stone throw away in the distance creating a magical backdrop to the city.


Visitors can indulge in the promenades by the rivers to the spectacular landscape views and indulge in the wildest gastronomic fantasies as the city boasts to more than 13 michellin starred restaurants and over 1500 fine dining eateries. Lyon is the birth place of outstanding food and you learn the expression ‘the love of French food’ and the passion and obsession that the French have with gastronomy.

North of the city the Beaujolais region is one of the most beautiful wine regions in France, striking villages and remarkable Chateaux and their vineyards that spread across hills and valleys.


 Voted as the top European city for a break Lyon is definitely a must.  

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